WE DID IT: Violence Prevention Standard Adopted!

Health Care Workplace Violence Prevention Milestone… reached


On October 20, the Cal/OSHA Standard Board unanimously voted to adopt the first workplace violence prevention standard for healthcare workers in California.  Our hope is that this Standard will be used as a template at the national level. 

 In 2010, Ingela Dahlgren, RN, and Kathy Hughes, RN, attended a rally to honor the memory of Dona Gross, a psychiatric technician at Napa State Mental Hospital, who was strangled to death by a patient while at work. This atrocity was the latest in a string of violent incidents which inspired the beginnings of a workplace safety movement which continues today.

WPV-Prev-Adopted-10-20-16-Pic-3While focused effort under strong leadership underpinned this successful campaign, the true heroes in the battle for a safe work environment are all the nurses and the health care workers in this great state of California.

What makes this victory so important?

WPV-Prev-Adopted-10-20-16-Pic-2Sharing their personal accounts of attacks, threats, and harassment in the workplace, healthcare workers retold their stories before the Cal/OSHA Standard Board to bring attention to the urgent need for regulatory change.  These heart-breaking stories propelled the Cal/OSHA Standard Board to approve improvements in their regulations governing the management and operation of healthcare facilities throughout California.

This new Cal/OSHA Standard applies to most employers of nurses, health care workers, and the communities they serve in California. With this new regulation in place, Cal/OSHA is ready to implement workplace violence prevention measures in California and soon for the rest of the U.S.

At a more personal level…

WPV-Prev-Adopted-10-20-16-Pic-4The men and women who shared their stories are to be applauded for motivating the Committee to consider the importance of this issue at a very personal level. For the last couple of years, many SEIU Locals and the California State Council have supported our campaign financially and by actively participating in our rallies and events. We are very grateful for all their support and encouragement. We want to thank you again for your participation over the years!


WPV-Prev-Adopted-10-20-16-Pic-5 WPV-Prev-Adopted-10-20-16-Pic-6 WPV-Prev-Adopted-10-20-16-Pic-7
WPV-Prev-Adopted-10-20-16-Pic-8 WPV-Prev-Adopted-10-20-16-Pic-9 WPV-Prev-Adopted-10-20-16-Pic-10


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2016 Legislative Conference in Sacramento: RNs Leading the Way to Healthier Communities

2016 Leg Conf Venn Graphic

We’re thrilled to announce the 2016 Legislative Conference, Nurses Leading the Way to Healthier Communities,  Come join us during the first week of May at the State Capitol! This year we’re featuring more of the hard-hitting career affirming presentations which today’s nurses have come to know and love. Extending the tradition of timely,  relevant, and lively discussion about Economic Disparity, Environmental Influence and Political Power. Come join us and add your voice to the growing team of nurses who shape the future!

When: Tuesday May 3 & Wednesday May 4, 2016
Where: The Citizen Hotel
Address: 926 J Street, Sacramento, California 95814
Total Contact Hours: 10.0 Free CEU’s
Registration: Registration Starts at 08:00.

Please let your SEIU Local know that you’d like to attend

Some of the topics include: As a nurse, you have environmental influence! This section covers: Infectious diseases on our horizon, Pollution in Our Own Back Yard, and our Prescription Drug Epidemic. You understand economic disparity segment includes: Social Advocacy & Race Relations, Staying Active and Informed, and the reality of Health Care Disparity in our society. You are empowered to bring change through political awareness: How to affect legislative changes for the greater good of your fellow nurses, Leverage protections offered through Cal/OSHA while preventing retaliation, and perhaps most importantly, how to become an advocate for better patient care, especially in communities where health care disparities are most distinct.

All SEIU nurses are welcome. If you are within driving distance, please consider carpooling, or planning a road trip with friends.  The cost of shared gas and roommate lodging could cost the same amount as paying to take a 10 CEU class.  Since this 2 day conference is free and meals are included, it is well worth the investment!

Secure your spot now by clicking the button below and help strengthen our voice in the Capitol.


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Pushing for Violence Prevention Standards in California

2015-Leg-WPV-Prev-Rally2“Safe Nurses Save Lives”

…says a poster in one of several videos included in an article summarizing a presentation by Kathy Hughes, RN, at the APHA 143rd ANNUAL MEETING AND EXPO in Chicago, held October 31 through November 4, 2015. The theme was “Health in All Policies.”

Kathy Hughes is a union activist working to make violence prevention standards a reality in the state of California. At Wednesday’s session on “Health and Safety Alliances and New Occupational Health and Safety Challenges” Kathy shared stories about workplace violence in which two nurses were killed. One was attacked by a mental patient and another was attacked by an inmate. There are many stories about the lack of safety in the workplace. These were just two.

The message in this presentation stressed that one of the most important functions of public health is protecting the health and safety of workers.

Nurses face many challenges in the workplace, not the least of which may include humiliation, violence, and the ultimate – death. In Hughes’ presentation, she asked attendees to weigh in on the proposed violence prevention standard. It’s in the 45-day comment period with the Cal/OSHA Standards Board. With Cal/OSHA and the involvement of the National Council for Occupational Safety and Health (National COSH) focusing on issues for better protections, they expect to make progress toward increasing safety in the workplace for nurses and healthcare workers.

To read the full article and view testimonies from nurses and healthcare workers in the workplace, please click on this link:

Nurses can’t save lives if their lives aren’t safe.

We encourage you to speak up, get involved, and help increase safety in your workplace!

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Save the Date! Oktoberfest!

Save the date for the following upcoming events open to all SEIU Nurses. Registration details will be posted soon.

Man Woman face people problem puzzle

October 3rd is the date for our annual Mental Health & Detention Conference which will be hosted at Local 221 in San Diego from 10-4 and will grant 6 free CEU’s




October 13th-15th is the biannual National Nurse Alliance Leadership Conference which will be hosted at the Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas. Theresa Brown, Nurse, Author, and NY Times Opinion Columnist, is a confirmed speaker.

Register now at 2015 SEIU National Nurse Alliance Biennial Conference. Click here to see the agenda for each day and information about location, transportation and meals. Registration closes on Friday, September 18.

Panels and workshops will help you:

  • Learn best practices from our hospitals and clinics, team-based care and operationalizing the quality objectives of the Affordable Care Act;

  • Hear the experiences of nurses who are joining together to achieve economic and healthcare justice; and

  • Get new ideas and bring them back to your workplace, your patients and your community.


If you have questions about the conference, contact Liz Royal at If you or your local are interested in securing a table in our exhibit area, contact  for more information


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