Don’t Work After Clocking Out!

More and more nurses are reporting that they are clocking out
and then finishing the day’s work. They report feeling pressured by
their managers to clock out and forego the appropriate overtime
pay. Don’t do it! Don’t do it! Don’t do it!

By clocking out and continuing to work:
• You are violating the hospital’s time-keeping policy and could
be disciplined. Employees can be terminated for inaccurate
• You put yourself at risk if issues arise. You will have a hard time
explaining how you were clocked out but still providing
patient care. You might even face charges of fraud for charting while not on duty.
• The hospital’s liability insurance will not cover you if you are
working off the clock. This includes breaks and lunches!

There are many reasons you may not be able to complete work
before quitting time: lack of support staff on the unit, higher patient
acuity, increased patient needs and demands, and increasing
amount of required paper work.

At the end of your shift, chart all of the excellent care you provided to
your patients. If you are not going to complete your work on time then
notify the charge nurse. If you are the charge nurse, notify your

You should not be asked to jeopardize your professional and ethical
standards in order to provide care. And, you should be compensated
for all time worked.

If you feel pressured to clock out and then continue working,
contact your Union steward, Worksite Organizer or Union Representative right away.

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