It’s NOT part of the job: New Standard on Workplace Violence Prevention

NotPartOfJobSince 2012, the Nurse Alliance of California has lead the charge for the new Cal/OSHA standard to protect healthcare workers from workplace violence, which is expected to pass this summer.  Attached is a background summary and related Government Accountability Office (GAO) report & fact sheet for your reference. Next month we will be hearing from Mark Catlin, Occupational Health and Safety Director for SEIU at the 2016 Legislative Conference in Sacramento on May 3rd & 4th. All three documents are linked below and downloadable in PDF format. The SEIU Nurse Alliance of California led the charge in California, with the support and cooperation of SEIU local unions and the SEIU State Council of California, by petitioning Cal/OSHA. Here are some helpful links for more information; Nurses should be especially intrigued by the compilation of quotes.


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