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35 US Hospitals Designated as Ebola Treatment Centers | US Department of Health & Human Services |December 2, 2014 (NEW)

Nurses Respond to the Ebola Crisis | SEIU International | November 21, 2014 (NEW)

Two US Ebola Nurses Free of Virus BBC News October 25, 2014

University of California Medical Centers Identified as Priority Hospitals to Treat Confirmed Ebola Cases | Press Release | October 24, 2014 

Training for Ebola: An Interview with PIH’s Dr. Sara Stulac PIH Blog

At Ebola Training Session in New York, Calm and Caution Are Urged | NY Times | October 21, 2014

Ebola: Partnering With Healthcare Workers is Step One | SEIU International 

C.D.C. Issues New Guidelines for Ebola Care NY Times | October 21, 2014

New Ebola Guidelines for Hospitals to Require Full Body Cover | Wall Street Journal | October 20, 2014 

Confronting Ebola: Wearing the Suit, and Taking it Off | LA Times Paper Clipping | October 17, 2014

With Service Workers and Healthcare Workers on Front Lines of U.S. Ebola Response, SEIU President Henry Calls On Employers To Support, Prepare Workers to Beat Virus | SEIU International Statement | October 15, 2014

Is It Time to Declare Ebola an Aerosol-Transmissible Disease Requiring a Respirator?  | Dr. Lisa Brousseau  | October 13, 2014

Commentary: Health workers need optimal respiratory protection for Ebola  | Dr. Lisa Brousseau | September 17, 2014

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Tools for Communicating with Hospitals 

Draft Legally Approved Letter for Communicating with Hospital Management

CDC Hospital Checklist

Draft Ebola Information Request for Behavioral Employers

Draft Ebola Information Request for Medical Employers

Blood-borne Pathogens (BBP) Reference Guide

CDC Ambulatory Care Evaluation Worksheet 

General Information on Infectious Diseases

SEIU nurses, doctors and healthcare workers utilize infection control procedures on a daily basis to care safely for patients. They also have a great deal of experience responding to public health emergencies, including the AIDS crisis and the flu, and can respond effectively to limit the risks of Ebola exposure in the United States.

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