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Katherine Hughes RN,
Executive Director,
SEIU Nurse Alliance of California.



Kathy has been a tireless advocate for nurses and patient safety for the last several years. As a liaison of SEIU Nurse Alliance of California, she was involved in maintaining communication with our Locals for mutual understanding and cooperation on issues of educating nurses on health and safety, as well as patient care issues, while promoting the nursing profession, either through legislation or workers’ rights campaigns.

Some of her accomplishments include working with Cal/OSHA for higher standard for Airborne Transmissible Diseases, (considered the gold standard for the rest of the nation), Safe Patient Handling regulation for acute care hospitals, and spearheading and co‐authoring the regulatory language for Workplace Violence, a prevention standard which was unanimously adopted by Cal/OSHA Standard Board in October 2016—this Standard is in the process of becoming a Federal standard.

Her 20+ years of experience as a nurse, a patient advocate, and as a member of the healthcare team was very challenging, and yet at the same time rewarding.

She began her involvement with the union early in her career when she saw that nurses working together as one collective voice have the power to improve healthcare and the profession of nursing through education, legislation, and action.

“I’m proud to be a union nurse!”

Kathy Hughes, RN.

SACRAMENTO, Calif., May 01 and May 2, 2017 SEIU Nurse Alliance of California holds their Legislative Conference -- two days of meetings and lobbying -- in Sacramento, Calif., May 1-2, 2017. Photo by Robert Durell

Ingela Dahlgren RN, Retired Executive Director, SEIU Nurses Alliance of California 2009-2017






 Ingela retired as the Executive Director of SEIU Nurse Alliance of California in May 2017.  Representing over 35,000 nurses in the state of California. She has been a state leader and advocate for nurses, the public, and healthcare service policies in California. Ms. Dahlgren has been a relentless voice calling for unity and empowerment among healthcare professionals noting that all nurses must do their part and use their strength in numbers to improve their profession and the lives of the millions of people that depend upon us.


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