The California Board of Registered Nursing (BRN) is proud to announce the new 103 Nurse Practitioner (NP) application is now available in BreEZe.

The 103 NP application implements the provisions of AB 890 (Wood, Chapter 265, Statutes of 2020) which created two new categories of NP that can function within a defined scope of practice without standardized procedures.

Applicants must meet the following requirements to receive certification as a 103 NP:

  • Have been certified as an NP by the BRN
  • Hold a National Certification in a recognized population focus consistent with 16 CCR 1481(a) by a national certifying body accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies or the American Board of Nursing Specialties and recognized by BRN.
  • Completed a transition to practice of three full-time equivalent years of practice or 4,600 hours that were:
    • Completed after certification by BRN as an NP.
    • Completed within five years prior to the date of application for certification as a 103 NP.
    • Completed in California.
    • Completed in direct patient care in the role of an NP in the category listed in 16 CCR Section 1481(a) in which the applicant seeks certification as a 103 NP.
  • Apply for 103 NP certification via BreEZe.

To access the 103 NP application and view step by step instructions, please visit the following website: and scroll down to the heading titled, “Nurse Practitioner Practicing Without Standardized Procedures in a Group Setting (103 NP).”

Completion of the transition to practice requirement must be attested to by a physician and surgeon that practices in the same specialty area or category in which the NP seeks certification as a 103 NP. As part of the application, the 103 NP applicant will be asked to enter information about the attester and an email will then be sent to the physician and surgeon requesting their attestation of the information that was entered. BRN strongly encourages 103 NP applicants to also alert physicians and surgeons that an email request will be sent by BRN requesting their attestation.

Please note, law requires an NP to first work as a 103 NP in good standing for at least 3 years prior to becoming a 104 NP. Therefore, the application to become a 104 NP will not be available until 2026.

For more information and updates about AB 890, please visit:

For questions about the 103 NP application, please contact the Board’s Licensing Division at:

For questions, about the 103 NP scope of practice, please contact the Board’s Nursing Education Consultants at:

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