Remembering Sandra Shells: Vigil held for LAC+USC ER nurse

Remembering Sandra Shells: Vigil held for ER nurse murdered at Union Station

In January of this year we tragically lost one of our own.  Sandy Shells, RN was assaulted while waiting at the bus stop on her way to work and died as a result of her injuries.

For 38 years, she worked at LAC + USC Medical Center and loved what she did.  Sandy will be greatly missed by all who had the honor of knowing and loving her.

Terri Thompson, RN who is a member of SEIU Local 721,  worked with Sandy for many years, organized a candlelight vigil at that very bus stop during morning and evening rush hour in order to celebrate her life and dedication as caregiver in the ER, but also to bring to light to what happened.  Terri wanted this tragedy to be seen by all who stopped to share a moment with the mourners and all who passed by so that those left behind can address our broken mental health system and our homelessness crisis.  Sandy loved and cared for her community in Los Angeles and it’s important that we carry on with that mission in her behalf.

A memorial fund has be set up by LAC+USC for her family:

LAC+USC Medical Center Nurse Sandra Shells Memorial

‘Kind, Caring, Inspirational’: Co-Workers Honor Beloved Nurse Killed in Bus Stop Attack

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