Course Information for Safe Staffing Saves Lives

Course Information for Safe Staffing Saves Lives

This is a 2 hour course that will provide 2 CEUs

The course is designed so that it can be viewed all at once or broken up into segments or what we call chapters.  The On-demand Education Library website features an abundance of resource material available in printable format.

Learning Objectives

  1. The history of ratio legislation and SEIU’s role in the process
  2. The concepts under nursing services in Title 22 and whistleblower protections 
    1. That include definition of assist, patient abandonment & rapid deployment of personnel
    2. Competency and orientation requirements
    3. Rest and meal breaks and working off the clock
    4. Charge nurse duties and responsibilities
    5. Rules regarding the Patient Classification System
    6. The level of nursing care provided defines a hospital unit
  3. Pros and cons of Title 22 and the ratio law
  4. How to document ratio violations, patient safety concerns and the enforcement process
  5. Studies regarding the benefits and impact of ratios
  6. Ratios scope include general acute care, psychiatric and special hospitals, but Title 22 applies to all licensing and certification under California Department of Public Health
  7. The newest legislation addressing improvements to Title 22 or whistleblower protections


This free 2 CEU course is presented by the Nurse Alliance of SEIU California and open to all SEIU licensed nurse members. Provider approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing – CA Provider Number 3413.                                                          For questions email: 

Please note: For purposes of receiving approved time off to attend, this course also includes multiple surveys, course materials and the course evaluation that may not be reflected in the time it takes to watch the recordings.

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