SEIU Registered Nurse, Sasha Cuttler Explains Similarities Between Fighting COVID-19 And HIV/AIDS

This is a three minute piece that was produced about a week ago for December 1st World AIDS Day. Mary Magee, SEIU 1021 retiree  sent the journalist to me.

By very sad coincidence, on World AIDS Day,  the first known case of the Omicron variant of COVID 19 in the U.S. was discovered in San Francisco. This variant appears to be even more contagious than the Delta variant and was bravely announced by scientists in South Africa. South Africa has suffered preventable deaths from HIV/AIDS because U.S. drug companies refused to allow South Africa to produce generics. Some scientists think that the mutation of COVID 19 may have occurred among people infected with HIV whose immune systems could not eliminate the virus from their system. At the same time, Moderna tested their COVID 19 vaccine in South Africa but then failed to supply the country with it.

Please join me in demanding that South Africans (and ALL people)  have access to COVID 19 vaccines and HIV/AIDS treatment. As the old slogan goes: Silence=Death.


Sasha Cuttler RN PhD

RN Chair

SEIU Local 1021

P.S. Get your COVID 19 vaccine booster and flu shot: It’s NOT too late.

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