Dear Friends,

Jennifer Esteen, RN
VP of Organizing, SEIU L1021

We are writing in the hopes you will support an action that we are planning to bring attention to the needs of our front line community, in healthcare, but also well beyond it in stores and restaurants and other city services. The “essentials” need all of our support and need the support of our elected officials during this time and the times to come.

They are asking for everyone to participate in a minute of darkness and silence each night at 20:19 pm. The action is starting April 1st 2020 and will last until the crisis is over.

Here’s the plan:
-Find a place, maybe on your front porch, back porch, street, somewhere you can be seen by your community…with 6 feet distance.
-Sometime between 8:15-8:18pm, light your candle, cellphone or just wait under your porch light.
-At 8:19 pm, blow your candle out or turn off all your lights and observe one minute of silence to acknowledge the lives already lost and send energy, honor those that continue to fight this historic pandemic.
-If you are at work. take one minute at 20:19 to stop, close your eyes, breathe, and know we are all in this together, even if alone.
-At 8:20 make as much noise as you want. Clap, scream out your stress, cry, whistle… whatever feels right to you in the moment. Let those who are working so hard to keep us afloat through this storm hear you and know they are loved. This creates an energy, vibrations which may help us heal.
-You can video tape your participation. If you videotape your participation please post on social media with #survivingthefrontline or #lightsoutcovid19. (please visit 0ur new website!

We intend to repeat this action from our homes every night at 20:19 until our elected officials answer the call and provide our front line workers with the long term protections they and the public need to remain safe.

Click this link to the petition being formulated by many of the local union members who are fighting so hard for protections for frontline workers through this crisis.

SPREAD THE WORD! Talk to your neighbors! Only the ones that can safely come out doors for a little while 6 feet apart!!!!

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