2022 Meeting Calendar

2022 Steering Committee meetings:


January: Monday 1/10 10-3p via Zoom

February: Tuesday 2/1 6-8p via Zoom (note that all 6-8p meetings will be via Zoom)

March: Wednesday 3/9 10-3p (Confirmed as in-person at L221 4004 Kearny Mesa Road
San Diego, CA 92111)

April: Tuesday 4/5 6-8p

May: Tuesday 5/3 10-3p (possibly in-person at L1000 in Sac.)

June: Tuesday 6/7 6-8p

July: Wednesday 7/6 10-3p (possibly in-person at L1021 in SF)

August: Tuesday 8/2 6-8p

September: Tuesday 9/6 10-3p (possibly in-person at L721 in LA)

October: Wednesday 10/5 6-8p

November: Tuesday 11/1 10-3p (possibly in-person at L521 in Bakersfield)

December: Tuesday 12/6 6-8p

These leadership meetings are open to all SEIU Registered Nurses.  If you are interested in attending, please email: hughesk@seiunaca.org

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