SEIU Nurses Standing at the Frontline of the ACA Fight


SEIU Nurses once again standing at the frontline of the Healthcare fight. We urge Congress to act responsibly and not repeal the Affordable Care Act since it will put all people in this country at risk.

This is why, SEIU nurses attended Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi weekly press conference in Washington, DC. SEIU nurses have identified 10 critical questions to make sure any replacement proposal maintains healthcare coverage and protections while keeping care affordable for all.

The Top 10 Questions Any ACA Replacement Bill Must Answer:
  1. Will everyone who has coverage today still have coverage under your bill?
  2. Will this bill make coverage more affordable for people – lowering their premiums, deductibles and out-of-pocket costs – while not taking away any of their current benefits?
  3. Will everyone who currently gets a health insurance tax credit continue to receive the same amount or more so that they not only “have access to coverage” but also can afford it?
  4. Will this bill maintain the current protections for people with pre-existing conditions that are in the current law?
  5. Will this bill guarantee that a woman can not be charged more than a man for her health insurance simply because she is a woman?
  6. Will insurance companies in all states still be required to cover check-ups for kids, mammograms and birth control without co-pays? Will mental health and prescription drugs still be covered at the same level?
  7. Will this bill prevent insurance companies from charging people over 55 more than they charge today?
  8. Will everyone that is covered today through Medicaid continue to have coverage without paying more?
  9. Will this bill require large companies and other big employers to continue providing health coverage for their employees?
  10. Will this bill cut taxes for pharmaceutical companies and the wealthiest?

We urge all SEIU nurses to get involved. Here are the most common hashtags:


#ProtectOur Care

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