Luisa Blue, SEIU’s newly elected Exec. VP


Congratulations are definitely in order for Luisa Blue who was not only recently elected Executive VP, she is also to be acknowledged as a strong voice for healthcare workers across CA and our Nation. Luisa was part of creating national legislation for BLOOD BORNE PATHOGENS during the AIDS crisis in the 1980s and she also helped to create the NURSE RATIOS in CA. Luisa also founded APALA (Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance). She has stern words for a presidential candidate who demonstrates ignorance and racism in pursuit of The Oval Office, and speaks out in favor of those who demonstrate leadership and understanding for those who stand in support of working families.

The SEIU.ORG press release on May 22, 2016 highlighted the re-election of Mary Kay Henry as president, along with her board. Our sister in Local 521, Luisa Blue is featured in the press release as Executive Vice President elect with the following bio:

“Luisa Blue has dedicated the last four decades of her life to organizing and advocating for workers’ rights through the union. She previously served as the Chief Elected Officer of the SEIU Local 521 representing over 55,000 public service workers who provide vital community services from the Silicon Valley, down the Monterey-Santa Cruz Coast and into California’s Central Valley.  In 1977, she worked as an RN at San Francisco General Hospital and joined the union where she become more empowered and active and helped organize a successful campaign that improved collective bargaining rights for county registered nurses. Luisa expanded the fight to unite nurses on a national level as a founding member of the SEIU Nurse Alliance. She has also served on the Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance Executive Board and served two terms as their national president. She continues to lead in the advancement of AAPI worker’s rights, civil rights and economic justice.”

SEIU Nurse Alliance of California sincerely appreciates what Luisa has done for the sake of standing firmly united for justice in the workplace and beyond. Congratulations, Luisa, we stand with you!

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